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Welcome to OpenBeta

Welcome to OpenBeta! 🥳🥳🥳

If you're here we assume you've already visited the site and had a chance to click around, and are here to get help on using one of the tools bundled in OpenBeta

What is OpenBeta

OpenBeta Climb Catalog is our website dedicated to providing users with a seamless experience while working with the climbing dataset during their climbing adventures.

The purpose of OpenBeta is to serve as a platform and toolset that minimizes friction for users interested in contributing to the maintenance of the OpenBeta climbing data. It offers a convenient way to access and utilize the climbing dataset, making it easier for climbers to engage with and contribute to the OpenBeta community.

Home Page


The home page of OpenBeta is a dynamic place, and will be changing constantly over the next few development cycles (If you want to be a part of shaping it, visit our github).

Don't let this scare you! The home page will always put you a few clicks from maps, recent posts, and recent edit history.

Climb Page

Climbing Page screenshot

The climb page documents all-things climbing. This is where you can see all images tagged with a climb, as well as all recorded beta.


Ticks allow users to log and track the climbs that they have completed. Ticks serve a number of practical purposes (See more about ticks here)

How to import ticks from Mountain Project

Crag / Boulder Page

Area Page

area page

The area page allows you to browse the climb/crag hierarchy and see where data has been sorted. Areas also collate media from their children, which can be useful while navigating or sizing up a crag or boulder.


If you are logged in to OpenBeta, you will see a profile button in the top right. This is where you will manage things related to your profile (click here to see more about the profile page)

Create an Account

In order to make data contributions to OpenBeta, users are required to be authenticated. All you need is an email address, and you can get going! 📭

Go to the home page and click the become a contributor button in the top right corner.

sign in button


Maps are a critical and currently growing part of the OpenBeta service offering. Whether you're navigating or simple exploring an area, maps are an invaluable part of the process.

OpenBeta makes use of a heatmap to express climb density, with hotspots representing areas that have a high density of climbs (as can be seen in the below image)


How can I contribute to OpenBeta

"Contributors" on OpenBeta are the people who help to maintain and grow the OpenBeta dataset. To join this effort all you need is an account

There are a number of ways you can join the effort, some of them are listed below.

Become a Contributor

Even if all you do is upload some photos and correct some spelling, being a contributor on OpenBeta will improve the dataset for future climbers.

Join the Team

If you want, you can go beyond working with the tools provided by OpenBeta. This could be to work on the tools themselves or to assist the developers that are.

The OpenBeta team usually communicates on discord and catalogue issues with GitHub

Become a Developer

Follow the onboarding process and start contributing code to the OpenBeta projects! 🖥

Contribute in other parts of development

If you are not a developer - but still want to assist with development - fear not! You could become a sponsor, but you needn't stop there. Our developers often need help finding and reporting bugs, you can report bugs either as an issue on the repository or by reporting it in the discord server.

We look forward to working with you!