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General Onboarding

The following steps will quickly get you setup for conrtibuting to OpenBeta.

Step 1 General setup

Step 2 Deep dive about OpenBeta

Step 3 Organization workflow

Our workflow involves both unsynchronized communications through GitHub issues, pull requests (PRs), and a Discord channel, as well as regular synchronized meetings.

Here's an overview of our organization workflow:

- Unsynchronized communication

We have three main channels for unsynchronized communication: GitHub issues, pull requests (PRs), and a Discord channel.

1. GitHub issues

  • Use GitHub issues to report bugs, suggest features, or discuss project-related topics.
  • If you'd like to work on the issue, leave a comment to express your interest.
  • If you are unsure about how to start, you could comment and ask for help. Alternatively, you could post in our Discord channel to get help.

2.Pull requests (PRs)

  • Once you know how to start working on the issue, you should fork the project repository and create a branch for your changes.
  • Submit PRs to propose changes, fix bugs, or add new features.
  • Each PR should fix a single issue or small set of related issues.
  • Request reviews from our core dev team members. If you are unsure about whom to request, add @actuallyyun to the reviewers list, and she will find an appropriate team member to review your PR.
  • Once the PR is reviewed, please engage in PR discussions, respond to feedback, and iterate on the changes based on reviewer comments.

To learn more, see OpenBeta Pull Request Guideline.

3.Discord channel

  • Join our Discord channel to connect with the community.
  • If you are stuck, this is where you can seek help(#need-help channel) and ask questions.
  • Coordinate efforts, gather feedback, and collaborate with other contributors(#coding #data-science #i-made-this channels).

- Synchronized Meetings

We meet bi-weekly to synchronize efforts and provide updates on the project's progress. Check out the current project we are working on and join the meeting if you are interested.

You could find meeting information with our Discord's Event announcement.

Step 4: Approval Process

Here are the three steps in our approval process:

  1. GitHub issues
  • Everyone can open an issue. To work on an issue, you should leave a comment stating that you want to work on this issue, and our maintainers will assign you if appropriate.
  • If you'd like to work on an existing issue, please comment and make sure that no one is working on it to avoid duplicated effort.
  • We recommend you to discuss the solutions you have in mind before you start working on it. If you don't know where to start, you should ask for help. Please refer to the organization workflow to start a conversation.
  1. Pull requests
  • Open a PR to submit your code.
  • Ask for review and engage in the reviewing process.
  1. Approval and merging

Once your changes have been reviewed and you've incorporated the feedback, project maintainers will merge your PR.

Currently the project maintainers are:

  • Sandbag: @musoke/@vnugent
  • Openbeta-graphQL: @zichongkao/@vnugent
  • Open-tacos: @vnugent

What's Next?

Devs please move to Dev Onboarding

UI/UX please move to Design Onboarding(coming soon...)

Marketing gurus please go to Marketing Onboarding(coming soon...)